FFY2023 and 2024 Announcement of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5310 Funding Availability

Notice of Funding

The Utah Transit Authority is announcing the availability of FTA Section 5310 - Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (49 U.S. Code § 5310) funds in Utah’s large urbanized areas* (UZA) for Federal Fiscal Years 2023 and 2024 (CFDA 20-513). UTA will be accepting applications for the following available funds for each UZA including FFY 2023 finalized apportionments, and FFY 2024 estimated apportionments. Final awards are subject to the final apportionments for FY2024.

FFY 2024 Apportionments:

  • Salt Lake City UZA $1,208,157
  • Administrative (UTA) = $120,816
  • Traditional Projects Available = $598,038
  • Non-Traditional Projects Available = $489,303
  • Ogden/Layton UZA $622,045
  • Administrative (UTA) = $62,205
  • Traditional Projects Available = $307,912
  • Non-Traditional Projects Available= $251,928
  • Provo/Orem UZA $475,851
  • Administrative (UTA) = $47,585
  • Traditional Projects Available = $235,546
  • Non-Traditional Projects Available= $192,720


FFY 2023 Apportionments:

  • Salt Lake City UZA $1,126,249
  • Administrative (UTA) = $112,625
  • Traditional Projects Available = $557,493
  • Non-Traditional Projects Available= $456,131
  • Ogden/Layton UZA $625,553
  • Administrative (UTA) = $62,555
  • Traditional Projects Available = $309,649
  • Non-Traditional Projects Available= $253,349
  • Provo/Orem UZA $451,264
  • Administrative (UTA) = $45,126
  • Traditional Projects Available = $223,376
  • Non-Traditional Projects Available= $182,762

*For exact UZA boundaries, use the links below to see maps for each area.
Please note that the 2024 UZA boundaries are subject to change. The Utah MPO’s are still currently in negotiations about boundary lines with the Federal Government.

Application Cycle

Friday December 15, 2023 – Notice of Funding Availability
January 2 thru January 5, 2024 – MANDATORY Application Workshops
Friday January 12, 2024 – Pre-Application Due (portal closes at midnight)
Monday January 22, 2024 – Application Portal Opens
Wednesday February 28, 2024 – Application Due (portal closes at midnight)
March 10 thru 20, 2024 - Applications reopen for corrections
(further information and dates available upon request: alindsay@rideuta.com)


Only organizations whose pre-application was accepted may move forward to the full application.

Applications are due FEBRUARY 28th.

If you have questions, please email Alika : alindsay@rideuta.com

Program Purpose

The Section 5310 Program is intended to enhance mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities by providing funds for programs to serve the special needs of transit-dependent populations beyond traditional public transportation services and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complementary paratransit services. The program provides financial assistance to private non-profit corporations, associations, or eligible public governmental agencies to meet the special transportation needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Fact Sheet

UTA is responsible for the management and administration of FTA Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program in Utah’s three Urbanized Areas (UZAs). The Urbanized area include Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and parts of Box Elder counties.

Capital projects require a 20% local share from applicants and operating costs require a 50% local share. The local match portion of each project must be committed at the time of application and must come from eligible funding sources. Transportation revenue is not an eligible source for local matching funds and must be subtracted from the total operating budget as revenue.

Funding Selection Process
Projects are selected for award through a competitive application process. UTA 5310 Management scores and ranks projects based on the scoring criteria provided in the application instructions. Each regional LCC establishes a review process and recommends projects for funding to the 5310 Grant Management Advisory Team which makes the final awards.

Once approved by FTA, successful applicants enter into a standard grant agreement with UTA. The agreement remains in effect until the terms of the agreement are met. Grantees are responsible for complying with the requirements of the UTA agreement and applicable FTA regulations. All grants are subject to the requirements of UTA’s 5310 Program Management Plan.

For detailed information and requirements for the FTA 5310 Program, please review the FTA 5310 Circular.

For more information on how UTA manages this program, funds and subrecipients please view our Program Management Plan:

UTA 5310 Program Management Plan
Alternative Formats are available upon request.


A pre-application must be submitted by all applicants and is similar to a “Letter of Intent”. We use the preapplication to determine your agencies eligibility to receive Federal funding. Pre-applications must be submitted via ZoomGrants , UTA’s online grant application and managements system. Applicants not eligible for 5310 awards will be contacted regarding their pre-applications.

Link to Pre-Application Portal (closes Jan 12, 2024): https://www.zoomgrants.com/gprop.asp?donorid=2329&limited=2428


Eligible entities include:

  • Private non-profit organizations
  • Public bodies approved by the State to coordinate services for seniors and persons with disabilities.
  • Public bodies that certify that no other non-profit corporations or associations are readily available in the area to provide the service

Eligible Project Area Maps

Eligible projects:
Funding is available for capital and operating expenses for transportation programs serving seniors and individuals with disabilities. Including:

  • Purchase of Accessible Transit Vans, Mini-vans, Sedans, or Cutaway Buses
  • Purchase of Non-Accessible vehicles with certificate of equivalent service
  • Vehicle rehabilitation or upfit to ADA
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • 3rd Party Contracted Transportation Services
  • Mobility Management
  • Operating Assistance
  • Other Equipment upon UTA approval

All applicants are required to have an active registration in the Federal System of Award Management (SAM). New registrations and renewals can be completed at www.SAM.Gov .

In addition, all projects must address a need or strategy identified in the 2022 locally developed Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plans for the UZA where the project is located. The 2022 Coordination Needs and Strategies for Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, and Weber Counties, and the urban areas of Box Elder County (Brigham City, Perry, and Willard) are included in the Coordinated Plan for each area. You will need to review these plans in order to submit your application for funding. Links to each plan is provided below. Please note that strategy and project priorities have been updated for each plan. The updated list of projects is on the last page of each plan for Ogden-Layton, Salt Lake-West Valley and Provo-Orem.

Application Documents

The following documents must be submitted with each application in ZoomGrants. Most forms will be downloadable from the application page. Examples and templates can also be found on our Resources  page.

  • Federal Tax information indicating 501 (c)(3) status or government entity (Or certification that there are no nonprofit organizations able to provide service)
  • Completed W-9 with Taxpayer ID for payments
  • Board Authorization/Resolution granting authority to and designating appropriate individual to sign contract with UTA (and signing order and emails for e-signature)
  • FFATA Checklist
  • ADA Demand Response Transportation Plan
  • ADA/Title VI Notice to the public posters
  • Title VI Plan with LEP Four-Factor Analysis
  • Driver Training Policies and Procedures (must include required training, policy to check drivers’ licenses, policies to prevent damage to assets, policies on retraining, etc.)
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • EEO Statement and Civil Rights Policies on Agency Website (Screenshot)
  • Letter of Commitment of Local Match (MUST indicate an allowable source of match)
  • Current FTA Certifications and Assurances (Required Annually)
  • Certificate of Equivalent Service (if acquiring non-accessible vehicles)
  • Financial Audit or statement (Required Annually)
  • FTA Asset Inventory Spreadsheet
  • If you are a Government Agency – State designation as an agency responsible for providing services to seniors or individuals with disabilities, or certification that there are no non-profit agencies available to provide service.

Contact Us

Questions about applications, grant management, eligibility, resources, trainings:
Alika Lindsay, UTA Coordinated Mobility Grants Administrator
(801) 237-1994

Questions about program compliance, reimbursements:
Jared Aranda, UTA Coordinated Mobility Grants Compliance Officer
(801) 287-2757

Questions about LCC meetings, partner collaboration, mobility management:
Trista Lawrence, UTA Coordination Administrator
(801) 287-2750

Questions about RidePilot Lite:
Clint Wilkinson, Project Manager
(801) 287-5336

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