Plan Your Trip and Track Your Ride with the Royale Treatment!

Transit Royale is the new subscription service now available in Transit, UTA’s official app. Best of all, your upgrade to Royale is FREE!

We love Transit for its top-notch features such as trip planning, accessing offline transit schedules and directions, and receiving rider alert notifications straight to your phone, and now with Royale, you can unlock additional, premium features.

Many users of the Transit app have auto-update turned on. If that’s you, you are one, the update will automatically become available. When you see the option, tap “Upgrade Now,” and you’re all set! If you don’t have the auto-update feature enabled, you will have to update the app yourself (Note: the auto-update feature is found in your phone settings, not via the app itself).

UTA is proud to offer this free upgrade to our valued riders!

  1. Do you need to upgrade to Royale?

    We highly recommend it! If you don’t claim your free upgrade to Royale, your current version of Transit will start to limit features that are only accessible through the subscription.

  2. How do I upgrade to Royale?

    Open the Transit app and scroll through the list of routes on the Main screen. See the crown? Tap ‘Upgrade Now’ to claim your FREE Royale subscription!

  3. Do I need to create an account to use Royale?

    All of the features of Royale (as well as all of Transit’s core features) do not require an account.

  4. Will Royale feel different from how the UTA Transit app works now?

    No! For functions such as trip planning and checking departures, Royale looks and feels almost exactly the same as before. Royale also introduces new, optional features such as GO leaderboards and in-app theme options to customize theTransit app on your mobile device.

  5. What features do I get with Royale?

    By upgrading to Royale, you get access to all the features you know and love! And a lot more, including:

    • All transit lines: For any transit line, you can look up future departure times, track vehicles, and more!
    • Unlimited transit schedules: Want to look up the schedule of next week’s bus? Now you can!
    • Ride with friends and family: Check the map to see which of your friends or family made the bus you are trying to catch!
    • Custom themes: Make your transit experience feel more like, well, YOU! Customize your app icon, and the app color scheme when you use Transit.
    • More iconic icons: Unlock 20+ new icons to mark your favorite places so they feel more personal and quirky – not just pins in a map!

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