Riding the Bus

Riding the bus is easy when you follow these steps:

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes early.
    Some bus stops have shelters and benches. All bus stops are marked by a sign that list all routes that stop at that location. Each sign also has a unique stop number, too. The stop number can be used for our Ride Time system, which can help you determine when the next bus is coming.

  • Make sure you’re getting on the right bus.
    Look at the number displayed in the front window to make sure it’s the line you want.

  • When the bus pulls up, step on board and pay your fare.
    You can pay with exact change, a pass or your UTA FAREPAY card.

  • Be sure to ask the bus operator for a transfer if you need to connect to another bus or train.

  • Let the operator know you’d like the next stop by pulling the cord or pushing the call strip.
    If you gather your things, too, you’ll be ready to leave when the bus stops.

  • Hold on to the rails and handles as you make your way to the exit.
    Exit through the rear door, if the bus has two doors.

  • As you exit, remember to tap off, if you paid with FAREPAY or another electronic form of payment.

Photo of bus

Bus Etiquette

Bus Etiquette – Rules of the Road

Below are a few of the “Rules of the Road” when taking the bus:

  • Let others off the bus before you enter. The bus isn’t going to leave without you, as long as you are ready to enter.
  • Don’t block the doors. It makes it harder for your fellow passengers to enter and exit the bus.
  • If you are in a seat designated for people with mobility issues (people with crutches, senior citizens, expectant mothers, someone who appears a little unsteady on their feet, etc.) and you don’t have one of these issues, please allow them to use the designated seats.
  • Don’t eat or drink on the bus. Wrappers or other messes left behind make for an unpleasant ride for the next passenger.
  • Don’t litter. No one wants to pick up after you, so please pick up after yourself.
  • Wear headphones if you are listening to music…and please keep it low enough so it doesn’t bother the other passengers.
  • It’s best to refrain from talking on the phone. After all, why would you want others to hear your conversation?
  • Keep your language “Rated G”. There may be children or other folks around that may be offended by some language.
  • Don’t put your feet on the seats. We want to keep all our vehicles clean for all riders.
  • Do not cross in front of the bus after you exit the vehicle.

Ride Time Text Message Service

So, you are waiting at the stop and want to know when the next bus is coming. UTA’s Ride Time service can help you find out when a bus is coming by the stop where you are.  All you need is a phone that can send text messages and the stop identification number. 

Photo of bus stop sign Each bus stop has a sign to let you and the driver know where the stop is. Each sign has a stop number printed on it. By texting the stop number printed on the sign to 882-882 (UTA-UTA), the Ride Time system will text you back the next three times a bus is coming by the stop. Ride Time will also tell you the route number of each bus and the final destination.

Just be aware that not every bus may not be going to your destination, so make sure you step on the correct bus. You can always ask the driver if he makes a stop at or near your destination. They are always ready to help a rider in need of information.

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