The Utah Transit Authority will be announcing the availability of FTA Section 5310 - Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (49 U.S. Code § 5310) funds in Utah’s large urban areas* (UZA) near the end of 2023.

New UZA maps will be published for the 2024 funding cycle.

Application Cycle:

  • Dec 15th – Notice of Funding Opportunity/Pre-application Opens
  • First week of January‐ Application Workshops
  • Jan 15th – Pre-application Due
  • Jan 20th – Formal application opens
  • Feb 28th – Application Deadline
  • Feb 1st thru March 10th – Initial application review
  • March 10th thru March 20th – Reopen applications for corrections
  • March 21st thru March 31st – Scoring and Ranking, POP draft
  • April – GMAT Committees receive documents to review scores and ranking
  • April LCCs – Applicants can present their projects to their selected committees
  • May – GMAT Committees final approval of projects to be awarded
  • June – Award letters sent out

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