UTA Set to Unveil Media Blitz for New Brand Campaign

The Utah Transit Authority is rolling out a new advertising campaign that reminds Utahns they can reduce stress by choosing mass transit.

Titled Road Therapy, three new television spots will air on streaming networks and appear online from the end of September 2023 through February 2024. The ads shed an amusing light on the frustrating, sometimes toxic relationship that drivers have with their cars. Viewers of these clips will see riders on various UTA vehicles engaging in an in-transit “therapy session,” with a compassionate “transit therapist” posing questions and offering feedback.

"UTA commits to making your journey on our system safe, enjoyable, and hassle-free,” said Executive Director Jay Fox. “Every one of UTA’s 2,800 transit professionals cares about your well-being and riding experience. Our ‘transit therapist’ sets you on the path to finding travel peace with our entertaining Road Therapy campaign. UTA: We Move You — with way less stress than a car.”

Check out UTA’s Road Therapy videos to see how riding UTA can help you find the peace you deserve.

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