We Move Utah Youth All Summer Long

UTA Rider’s License on Sale Soon for $49!

Riders License, UTA’s summer youth pass, goes on sale
May 15, 2024. Passes valid June 1-Aug. 31, 2024.

Valid on FrontRunner, TRAX, the S-Line, UTA On Demand, and any bus route. Paratransit and Ski Buses excluded.

The popular Rider’s License is for kids ages 6 to18 to ride anywhere they want to go. For only $49, they can use a Rider’s License all summer long to get to work, a friend’s home, outdoor destinations, restaurants or just out and about.

UTA’s Rider’s License offers a safe way for younger riders to have greater mobility, giving them access to summer jobs, classes, parks, recreational activities and more! UTA hopes to increase ridership among the younger generation, letting them experience the benefits of public transportation and encouraging them to use mass transit on a continuing basis.

Parents of Utah teens and pre-teens.


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